M Reynolds RIBA

2021 – Eco-Retrofit of Cambridge city centre church:  Downing Place United Reformed Church.  Energy advisor and Building Group member 2016 to present.  Church 422m2, Halls 483 m2. Completion 5 March 2021. https://downingplaceurc.org/redevelopment-blog/ https://www.cambridgeindependent.co.uk/news/3-3m-vision-is-transforming-iconic-cambridge-church-9090299/ https://www.dropbox.com/sh/ovoqx0mcuog9lnw/AABxiTuxL0seI33MsWx_8pN2a?dl=0&preview=CFCI_DowningPlaceURC_webinar_20200923.mp4 2021Eco-Retrofit of 4-bedroom detached house + extensions: including roof and floor insulation and external wall insulation, new triple-glazed windows and doors, airtightness, Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery, and Air Source Heat PumpFirst-floor side extension to form two bedrooms (over former garage) and single storey rear extension to form Sun Room and Utility Room. New part first floor rear mezzanine extension over Utility Room and ground floor WC relocated .   Solar Photovoltaic panels, new wood-burning stove, and refitting of Kitchen and Bathrooms by others. 2020Eco-Retrofit of 2-bedroom terrace + extensions: Roof extension incorporating rear dormer and front rooflights. Conservatory upgrades including replacement roof and insulation to boundary wall. Under-stairs toilet. Eco-retrofit: external and internal insulation to external walls, air tightness upgrading and window replacement with triple-glazed units. New ventilation system and air source heat pump http://openecohomes.org/events/victorian-terrace/ 2018Eco-retrofit of two-bed semi & extension: (Bedroom, Home Office & woodworking workshop):  Shadow casting for planners; Passiv Haus Planning Package analysis, CarbonLite Retrofit Certification evidence checklists. Project only: house sold with planning approval. 2015Eco-retrofit  of 6-bedroom detached house (continuing): Single-storey brick store, external insulation, external window upgrade and new window, stove flue, internal amendments including windows and doors, electrical improvements and underfloor insulation and heating http://openecohomes.org/production/wp-content/uploads/Oxford-Road-2016-case-study-final-2.pdf 2014-19 – Penthouse renovations £50K+ conservation area, insul, low-e glazed, shading 2016 – Victorian terrace 2-storey extension, £125K  – conservation area, (completed 2016) 2011-14 – Maisonette Retrofit, £50K Passiv Haus windows, MVHR, air-tight, cavity wall insulation 2008-9 – Code Level 5 target House, £328,000   approx Code Sustainable Homes Level 5;  Air Source Heat Pump, Mechanical Ventilation w Heat Recovery, Rainwater harvesting, Photovoltaics, solar thermal u/f heating, superinsulation, air-tight.   RIBA stage E-part K 2009 (Project Architect with A C Architects) 2007 – Low-Energy House project , £375K ASHP, MVHR, Solar thermal u/floor heat, RW harv, PVs; RIBA stage A-J 2007 (Project Architect with A C Architects) Low-carbon house renovation/extensions (with A C Architects): £92K: front internal insulation, MVHR, rear external insulation (stage A-C) http://openecohomes.org/production/wp-content/uploads/E.-Chesterton-Road-Final-2017-PDF.pdf £150K: internal insulation, solar thermal u/f heating, RW harvesting (stage A-G) http://openecohomes.org/production/wp-content/uploads/Gilbert-Rd-2015-CS.pdf £115K: super insulation, daylighting (stage E-J) £195K: full strip out, internal insulation, windows, wood stove (stage A-C) http://openecohomes.org/production/wp-content/uploads/Woodlark-Close-Case-Study-2014-FINAL.pdf £65K: internal insulation, external insulation to rear, floor insulation (stage A-J) £150K: internal insulation, solar thermal, u/f heating, RW harvesting (stage E-J); £125K: listed farmhouse extension (stage E-L)